3 thoughts on “20/20 Special…Inside the World of Childhood Schizophrenia

  1. I found this video particularly distressing because it completely revokes what I previously thought about schizophrenia. In the other blogs that mentioned child schizophrenia I was pretty skeptical, however this video confirms multiple cases of childhood schizophrenia that even range similarly to later onset schizophrenia (one child has a case of paranoid schizophrenia while another has visual hallucinations).

    Interesting to note is that all the cases are female children. As I am filing through research, I have stumbled upon the estrogen hypothesis, which states that estrogen may act as a protective hormone. psychologists reason that estrogen may explain the later onset in schizophrenic symptoms for females.

    Overall, disturbing video. Good job finding it sharonda!

    Think about it!

    peace. haha jping


  2. Thanks for posting this video, as it was a fascinating insight into schizophrenia and how it develops in children. I had never heard of children experiencing schizophrenia before, and this report makes it incredibly clear how stressful and debilitating this disease for the child and their family. It’s also fascinating how the children know they are potential dangers to their families. I’d want to make sure that the therapists are checking up on the parents to make sure that their psychological well-beings are okay.

    I thought the baby videos of the child diagnosed with childhood schizophrenia definitely gives incredible evidence to the notion that schizophrenia is genetically linked. How could any environmental factors prompt an infant to stare at hallucinations? On the same note as other posts preceding and following this one, how could schizophrenia ever serve to be advantageous evolutionarily, especially if it reveals itself at a young age?


  3. I found it surprising that these children showed combinations of all of the symptoms of adult schizophrenia at this young age. I expected to see a greater influence of positive symptoms or negative symptoms that might indicate how the disease develops. After watching these girls interact, however, there was no indication that this was the case. To varying extents they all showed hallucinations/delusions in tandem with a flat affect and a tendency towards social withdrawal and anhedonia. Not only does this not help pinpoint which symptoms precede which, but the fact that these girls suffer from full-fledged schizophrenia throws a wrench in the notion that the disease is always triggered by chronic or severe acute stress. Of course, it is possible that the girls suffered from a stressor very early on in their development and simply carry a gene that their schizophrenia-free siblings do not.

    Lisa, that is indeed interesting that all these children are female along with the estrogen hypothesis you researched. As I recall, most adult- schizophrenics are male. To ascertain the percentage of males to females in child-schizophrenics would be an interesting statistic.


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