5 thoughts on “Utter fantasy or some semblance of reality?

  1. OK–Woody Will Smith strangled and killed his wife because, well, I have absolutely no idea, but claiming that caffeine intoxication is the cuprit is complete bogus! Honestly, in this day in age, who doesn’t overdose on caffeine on a daily basis (consuming more than 300 mg is classified as an overdose)?

    So essentially this article is saying that you better lay off of the diet pills and caffeine or else you’ll become sleep deprived, fall into a “brief psychosis”, and possibly develop cruel intentions.

    At this rate, all of our favorite coffee companies will get sued for selling Mr. Smith a Vendi Caramel Latte with an extra shot of espresso! What is this world coming to?


  2. Wow, this is straight out of Law and Order. We know that changes in brain can result in change in behavior. The change here (caffeine) was involuntary and caused by the defendant himself, so shouldn’t he be responsible for his actions?


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