Nurture in a Changing Environmental Context

So I was reading an article in The Economist about the effects of fast-action video games on cognitive abilities.  The basic conclusion was that people who spend significant amounts of time playing games like Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto develop better reaction times and are quicker when it comes to evaluating sensory information in order to make the best decision.  While these types of skills may be beneficial in terms of driving (although when you consider the games potential effects on risk-taking behavior they might not be completely helpful), people continue to worry that the development of these skills may come at the expense of other skills, like communication and reading comprehension.

Anyway the point is that modern environments that are inundated with technologies like video games, television, and even cars, can certainly affect behavior and even evolution.  We touched on this idea when we discussed the varying expression of pathologies in different cultures, but I think that the rapid change that our societies undergo continually must be having a vast effect on our behaviors as a general people group.

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