The Tapeworm Diet

I mentioned in class today that some hard-core dieters have turned to The Tapeworm Diet.  Some of you hadn’t heard of this so I thought I’d supply a little extra info.  A website detailing some specifics of this diet can be found here. The site lists potential dangers and advises not to use this method, however the site also provides a direct link to “start this diet now”, which I found a little odd… And for any of you who are looking for a serious, educational discussion on this topic, you are in luck: it has been covered on The Tyra Show.  This is just part 1, but you can watch all of the episode on youtube.  Enjoy!

P.S. Please do not use that first link to buy tapeworms.  Tyra doesn’t support it, neither should you!!!

5 thoughts on “The Tapeworm Diet

  1. I think I continuously vomit when I think of this. And that is how I lose weight.. So please continue to tell me disgusting things like this and I will get the same results without swallowing tapeworms. (Completely joking, though this is a really gross diet)
    HAHA, sometimes I wonder who actually started these diets. Who was the first crazy person that thought, LIGHT BULB let’s lose weight with tapeworms. And then, who are the crazy people that follow the fad.


  2. I think what freaks me out the most about this is how big they get once they’re inside you. It’s not like it’s some little inch worm eating up all your extra calories, these things can get to be 30 feet long. The thought of that swimming around in my stomach makes me want to vomit as well.


  3. It’s scary what humans will do attain and maintain an “attractive” body. We need some social/clinical psychologists to weigh in here… (get it? sorry)


  4. Wow, what a find! And thanks for the pun, Amy. Clever!
    So I ignored Kelsey’s advice and clicked on the “start the diet now” to do a little research! The website it redirected me to seemed like it may sell the tape worms, but it seems like it wasn’t for weight loss but rather for immune problems. Also, I found an interesting website that talks about the more legitimate uses of worm therapy. Check it out:


  5. Eeeeww gross!!! The mere thought of having a tape worm inside of me gives me the willies and the “scratches” like Tyra describes. OK, maybe this is “natural” but there are healthy alternatives to losing weight; like say, maybe, eating less processed foods like our ancestors, or cutting calories, and exercising? Our society has a completely skewed perception of dieting, clearly!! As Americans, we’re constantly searching for the quick fix, insta-thin, “lose 10lbs in 1 week and feel great doing it!” We forget that accomplishing our goals take time; think about great works of art, architecture, earning a PhD, winning an Olympic gold medal… we devote a lot of time and effort into our aspirations in hopes of one day becoming who we imagined, and without saying, the same should go with dieting.


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