Implications of 40 year old virgin, besides the obvious.

So sadly enough I watched 40 Year Old Virgin the other day, it was late and I was delirious but then really wondered if there were implications to this scenario. I actually came across an article on ABC News entitled “Losing Virginity Later Linked to Sexual Problems.” It essentially talked about those that had sex later in life, particularly men, seem to experience more sexual dysfunction in the future.  The research went further to give various factors that could contribute to the relationship between the age at which one loses their virginity and sexual problems they may experience later. These factors included desires for abstinence, fear of intimacy, body image problems, and alcohol and drug abuse.

The way I think this could have effects on behaviors and potential neuronal differences deals with what society enforces as the norm. For men, the idea of real men getting action would definitely affect the mindset of the virgin male and impact the ability to perform sexually. For women, they are supposed to be the good girls and as they wait for marriage or just later in life their bodies shut down sexually and lead to dysfunction. Because of the intimate link between the psyche and sexual performance, results of these conditions most likely bring about sexual dysfunction through their psychological impacts. This study is interesting because it suggests that sexual experimentation is a normal developmental process, and when this process is inhibited or not guided, there can be poor sexual health outcomes.

Funny little detail, researchers pointed out that men who started having sex early were also at an increased risk for sexual dysfunction. So when is the right time? Or does sex just always lead to problems?

3 thoughts on “Implications of 40 year old virgin, besides the obvious.

  1. so are you saying that if you don’t use it, you lose it?

    I found this article really interesting, particularly the idea that women and men face very different societal pressures (wait and be a lady vs. do it now and be a man), yet they can both lead to dysfunction. Perhaps it is the pressure in general, not necessarily what that pressure is, that causes complications? I wonder if these issues would still be present/how things would change if women were encouraged by society to have sex early and men were encouraged to wait.


  2. Whoa, they’re saying 21-23 is OLD?!? Well… I take that back. I guess considering that most of our grandparents and their mothers and fathers were popping out babies at 18, than I guess 21-23 is about 2 standard deviations from the average. However, nowadays it seems that the age is shifting. Women are more self-sufficient, independent, and often times are the primary bread-winners. It’s no longer seen as atypical for a woman to have a child and then head back to work 2 weeks later.

    I feel as though researchers should have more substantial support to elaborate on their findings. I think they should have considered using the BIG-5… or taken into consideration how social pressures could influence their decisions. For instance, someone who is very confident may be less swayed by social opinion, whereas someone who is insecure may feel like they have to conform or follow the crowd.



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