So sitting here, trying to finish my applications but really watching football, I came across one of my favorite websites: NOVA! Apart from their fabulous tv productions, they’ve started this awesome series called “The Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers”. This is a great way of finding out something really interesting about researchers who you would assume only live their lives in the lab.

Len Zon: Cancer Researcher

This is the zebrafish lab that I worked in for two summers, and there are some really interesting other people to check out on the side tab! Basically, you can still do something really intense and intellectual but have a fun hobby or interest too! You should also definitely check out all of the 30 second science pieces, because if you can understand what the lab is trying to do in 30 seconds then you can do it too! Being succinct and clear is key especially in such complex fields.

Happy rest of break!

3 thoughts on “NOVA

  1. Haha went to this site and just kept giggling. I looked at a neuroscientist’s page, Mollie Woodworth, and her secret was that she was a cheerleader. And reasoning behind it was that it was genetic. I thought that was entertaining and made my procrastinating that much more fun.


  2. This is SO cool! I think it’s all too often that we think researchers live and breathe ONLY what they do – and I think that if you plan on participating in a field such as psychology and neuroscience, you need to be able to take part in observing behavior to understand the brain. It looks like this is a great site that highlights the importance of taking part in behavior to understand it.


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