This post will make you smile…

I was talking to my friend yesterday about what makes life scary.  A recurring theme throughout our conversation was the uncertainty of health, despite the many ways in which one can improve their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.  Even if you exercise everyday, eat well, and have lots of great friends, you still may break your leg if you fall off your bike…  or maybe you hit your head… The conversation strayed and the list of unpredictable and unfortunate possibilities that may befall oneself or a loved-one got longer.  Perhaps your develop Alzheimer’s or lose your sight?  No doubt it was one of the less elating conversations I had that day.  But my depressed state lasted only until I decided to start my Neuropsychology homework!  (Of course!)

For my third essay of the semester, I was selected to write about autism.  During my researched, I came across this gem of a video (posted below).  Jason McElwain was born with autism, a neurological disorder nobody would wish upon themselves or a loved-one.  But the way his community supports and celebrates him is beautiful.  After watching this video of his basketball triumphs, I spent a long while reflecting on my earlier conversation.  Some of the most amazing people I have met in my life have had the most difficult challenges thrown their way.  Sometimes I wonder if I’d know how incredible they actually are, had they not been forced to overcome such obstacles.



3 thoughts on “This post will make you smile…

  1. That was ridiculously cheery. The reaction of the audience for Jason was pretty inspirational to me. As the video pointed out, that’s not the way in which people with disorders are normally considered different. A little ray of light into humanity’s discriminatory side.


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