My thoughts on Neuroethics (as detailed in my own neuroblog off-shoot: an ambiguous mind (

an ambiguous mind

I thought I would begin my blog (and SfN related neuroblogging) by delving into a novel topic (well, at least novel to me): Neuroethics. Heard of it? Neither had I until I sat in on a talk given by Martha Farah, PhD, a UPenn professor and founding director of UPenn’s Cognitive Neuroscience program. Dr. Farah had some very intriguing things to say regarding the idea of Neuroethics, and according to the program’s website, Neuroethics can be thought of as:

“…encompass[ing] the myriad ways in which developments in basic and clinical neuroscience intersect with social and ethical issues.”

It certainly sounds like quite a complex (and even impossible) concept to comprehend. However, after listening to Dr. Farah’s talk on the issue, I must say I left with a clearer idea of the impact that science has on our society. More specifically, the alarming potential that science advancements have to…

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