Flunking out of Insanity

This has little to do with neuroscience but I thought was important information to get out there. I know many people on Colby campus take part in the Insanity workout program and I think they have a right to know what’s happening to their bodies


What initially attracted me to this article was that I participated in the Insanity workout program, not just once but twice and I flunked out both times! I thought this article might offer me comfort and explain neurologically why I decided not to continue the workouts. If you ever participated in the Insanity program then you’ll already know they set impossible goals and try to motivate you to reach them. They consist of interval training so your body in unable to get use to the exercises that you are doing. However I always wondered if getting fit so fast come with a price and apparently it does. Many people complain about back problems after the workout but I was not completely convinced because you have to keep up the right form constantly, which is pretty hard. The program is “catabolic nightmare” meaning the there is a lot of breakdown stuff floating around in your body. Also, because you get no true break, a significant amount a stress builds up in your body. Younger people are able to handle this intense workout but they will feel it later. After receiving all of this information I still have a craving to do insanity again. I know that there is a high chance that I will quit again and now I know its terrible for me in the long run, but you just cannot beat those results.

Here’s the link to the article, it goes into a lot more detail on what the physiological effects of this workout program is.


One thought on “Flunking out of Insanity

  1. That’s really interesting especially because so many people use this program. You always hear about how impossible the workouts are, but you never really hear that they could actually be doing harm!


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