If You Know Anyone Who Is Afraid Of Gay People, Here’s A Cartoon That Will Ease Them Back To Reality



This video attempts to explain the scientific reasoning for being gay! This article caught my eye because of the title alone, it is relatable and I love cartoons. Lately there has been a huge awakening to the problems and issued faced by the LBGTQ community and their human rights. I knew that it was only a matter of time before someone tried to answer the question, are people really born gay? In this cartoon, the makers go through a few theories that are related to home life growing up and even identical twin studies. They claim that genes play more of a role in sexual orientation then something like handiness! Women who have multiple sons tend to have a gay son among the younger ones because her female body attacks male fetuses making them more feminine; but does being a feminine male make you gay? This video is a hilarious, truthful and simplistic.

2 thoughts on “If You Know Anyone Who Is Afraid Of Gay People, Here’s A Cartoon That Will Ease Them Back To Reality

  1. What an awesome cartoon! Thanks for finding this! They really made their point and made it fun. I am surprised that these studies have not been in the public media more. Super interesting.


  2. That’s pretty great! I wonder, though, if finding a specific genetic source of being gay or realizing that something like testosterone/estrogen therapy for mothers during pregnancy might lead people who are afraid of or prejudice against gay or lesbian individuals to try and prevent the birth of a gay child. It’s amazing the lengths people will go to when they are afraid or ignorant…


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