Who are “We”?

I couldn’t help but make a quick rant on this one. As I commented on Chelsea’s post regarding “Your Brain on Skis”, I found myself interchanging the terms “the brain” and “we”. That is, I first wrote the sentence “can we help our own healing process” and then rephrased it to say “can the brain help its own healing process”. Why? Why are the cellular activities of one organ more “us” than another? I might, of course, say that “I digest food” and well as “my stomach digests food”, but I would hardly correlate my identity with my stomach. You might argue that the brain is what affects behavior, but, really, it’s just the way station for all the information that comes from many other organs, tissues, and cells. There is input and output, and although the brain may store more complex information, it’s usually more reactive than anything else. Maybe I’m over thinking it. I really wrote this post with the hope that you all might comment with your opinions on brain and identity. Where and how do they fit together, or are they one and the same? Is the brain one of the few body parts that can provide uniqueness, or is it the only uniqueness that is considered – to a point – acceptable (as opposed to outwardly physical differences)?Image

One thought on “Who are “We”?

  1. Tough questions, Kate! I guess because I just attribute it all to brain (many neurons for the win!) I don’t think I can quite extract a good response to the question. Or rather, my brain doesn’t have a good answer for you :).


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