Why The U.S. Health Care System Makes Even Less Sense Than You Thought

I felt as though this video was very appropriate considering we are talking about neuro ethics in class. Health care ties into any medical ethical issues and has been a hot topic of discussion lately. Many people believe that health care is a human right and all people everywhere should have access to it. While I agree with this concept whole heartily, this video points out that we are asking the wrong questions. Health care is not available to everyone because not everyone can afford to pay for it. This video explains why health care is so expensive in the first place and points out that even if you can afford health care, the system is a huge rip off. The amount of money that hospitals charge for supplies and services greatly exceeds the real cost of the supplies. Please watch the following video to not only educate yourself but friends and family members as well.
This video has told me about systems that I never knew existed. As someone from a working class family with a ton of family members with medical problem, this video upsets me. Not only does this system disadvantage the people who need help the most but it also contributes to social economics divides and cycles. If someone does not have health insurance for social economic reasons, they are still forced to pay outlandish prices that a hospital charges, it only perpetuates a cycle. Now that person is in an even worst financial situation and most likely has not received all or the best health care available.

One thought on “Why The U.S. Health Care System Makes Even Less Sense Than You Thought

  1. WOW. Thank you for sharing this, Shamika! I can’t believe hospitals charge $77 for gauze that we can get for $1 at like Rite Aid or CVS. That’s absolutely ridiculous and unfair. It’s amazing also how this issue is ever brought up or talked about. This system needs a lot of fixing . . .


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