Eye Implants!

Eyes         In order to rid me of the guilt I feel whenever I go on a  StumbleUpon spree, I have some of my interests set to psychology, medicine and other “academic” categories. Every now and then this really pays off when I stumble upon a really cool story.  My most recent Stumblespree led me to a list of new technologies which are “turning science fiction into non-fiction”. One of the stories which really caught my eye was about two men in the UK who just received eye implants! I have included the link to the story below!

The article mentions that currently the men have “useful vision” and that they expect that after the men get to use their new eyes for a while, their vision will improve. The men are even dreaming in color for the first time ever!This is a great application of the plasticity of the brain. Scientists expect that the brain will grow and adapt to accommodate the new “eye” and its technologies. The implant is said to function in place of the old dead cells and that it will work with the preexisting connections through the optic nerve to the brain. So cool!

We had a discussion in class about the differing opinions surrounding the use of cochlear implants. I am wondering if this eye implant technology takes off if it will incite similar discussions and opinions.

This is so cool! http://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/science-news/9243223/Eye-implant-restores-vision-to-blind-patients.html

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