Multiple Intelligences Test

You know how as soon as something is mentioned in one of your classes you suddenly start hearing it everywhere? I’m assuming that happens to everyone, but maybe not? Anywho, after the topic of multiple intelligences came up in a class discussion the other day I have been hearing about it EVERYWHERE. It got me really thinking about the concept. I definitely agree with the school of thought that puts more weight on multiple intelligences rather than focusing solely on IQ. This got me wondering about my own intelligence. I was wondering how accurately I/one can judge my/their own intelligences. So naturally, I looked up multiple intelligence tests on the internet! One of the tests that I found asked 40 questions which focused on kinesthetic, linguistic, logical, interpersonal, intrapersonal, musical, visual/spatial, and naturalistic intelligence. It included statements like “I enjoy making lists”, “I enjoy to learn when I am outside”, and “I am observant and notice things that most people don’t”. Then it asked you to respond on a scale from “Nothing like me” to “Just like me” (Not the same wording but you get the idea!). As I was taking the test I felt that I was responding close to the “Just like me” option to almost every question. I figured that as a result the outcome would probably not tell me much. I was very excited when the results ended up being kind of interesting. I probably wouldn’t have come up with the exact same results on my own but after asking a few friends what they thought I realize that it seems pretty accurate. I figured some of you might also be interested in checking out your intelligences. I know it’s just a silly little test, but I found it pretty interesting! Here’s the link:

2 thoughts on “Multiple Intelligences Test

  1. This test was interesting! I was highest in the music and logic categories, which I expected based on my knowledge of how I learn. But it was cool to see that a test out there confirmed what I expected! However, I did find that I could tell which intelligence each question was targeting, so maybe I was slightly biased in achieving a certain result. Maybe there will be a new test one day that is less obvious in its questions. (For example, it was really obvious that the question regarding learning/repeating things to rhythm was targeting musical intelligence.)


  2. I definitely agree with you there, Chelsea. I knew exactly what they were getting at with their questions. Maybe one day there will be a better one!


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