The Bigger Picture


Psychology and Neuroscience are so intertwined in my mind that it is almost hard to separate them. Psychology is a valuable tool used to explain behaviors and identify patterns in those behaviors and to derive meanings from them. Neuroscience gives insight into the biological happenings behind these behaviors and patterns; it allows us to see and explore what chemicals and neurotransmitters lead to certain emotions that trigger different behaviors and attitudes. Approaching any situation from both a psychological and neurological perspective gives us the full picture of the situation. We can see the behaviors that are occurring and understand what exactly is causing them to occur. We can understand how external and internal factors play a role in everyday life.

Through different materials like the DSM-V or the ICD-10 we have identified certain behaviors as belonging to different psychopathologies. Current research explores the biological causes of these behaviors. In order to fully understand psychopathologies, both the identification of specific behaviors and their biological causes are needed . Brain on Fire will illustrate both the external behaviors and internal causes related to the diagnosis of the author. It is an example of how important it is to incorporate both behaviors and biology when analyzing any issue. It is important to look at both psychology and neuroscience because when together, they give a bigger, more full picture on what a problem and its causes might be, giving important insight for how to attenuate for any damage that the problem might be causing.

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