Eyes to the Future

As cliche as it may sound, I continue to be genuinely impressed by the technological advancements that have vastly improved the quality of life for many Americans. Powerful computers that fit in your pocket, access to global news updates 24/7, the ability to communicate with dozens of friends or colleagues at a moment’s notice, and video games and movies that are becoming more and more lifelike with each passing year. But perhaps the most exciting technological innovation yet to hit the public consciousness is that of artificial intelligence.

Over the past few decades, computer science has skyrocketed in terms of reach and depth. More specifically, in recent years robotics as an academic discipline has amassed a large following and base of support. Where it was nothing more than a fevered dream in the 1950s, robotics has flourished in the 21st century. As the idea of a sentient electronic autonomous lifeform is becoming more of a reality, psychologists and engineers alike have worked in conjunction to collaborate on fleshing out a more sophisticated model of artificial intelligence. The HRI (Human-Robot Interaction) research community has made strides towards the integration of human neurological processes with technology. Their mission has been to distill the essence of what comprises human nature and how we make decisions informed by cumulative life experiences.


Their website can be found here.

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